Happy Birthday, Entering Big 3-0

Happy Birthday, Entering Big 3-0

This is a very late post but two weeks ago it was my birthday (Happy Birthday to me!) and celebrated twice for the occasion, one is a weekend dinner with my family, as weekend is the only day that we can get together to celebrate, and second is a date with my SO.

The weekend celebration went great, but the latter one went to a very painful start — migraine and had to take a very strong pill just to lessen the pain, anyway it did worked but it got me out of focus.

Celebration throughout the years

Since I was a kid, my birthdays is always celebrated with my brother since we’re only days apart from each other, so to save money and resources decorating the house we just have to make one large birthday party. 

And with that, we also share the birthday gifts and since video games is the best gift for siblings, our parents bought us ‘Good Boy’ a Famiclone console as first game console, then years after that we got a Sega Genesis console and cartridge. We keep on getting video games stuff until we got a Playstation One (PsOne) console and that’s the last time our parents gave gifts for the both of us — puberty hits us differently.

We still collect video games now but of course we have the means to buy it.

I also remember, even if me and my brother doesn’t celebrate birthdays together, my dad always cook us spaghetti and chicken every time I go home for my birthday.

Before Hitting 30s

So since I’ve reached 30’s, does it mean that I’ve became a matured person? N O P E. A lot of things happened, some of them are pretty much bad but luckily it went to a better experiences. 

Anyway, before this year ends I decided I’d share 30 things I’ve learned in the past 30 years. With that said, Happy Birthday to me and looking forward in reaching 40s.

  1. Life gets tough after College. 
  2. Always take care of your self.
  3. Limit yourself in social media usage, for the sake of your sanity.
  4. New ideas can easily forget you, write it on a piece of paper.
  5. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  6. Always try something new. Try to Challenge yourself.
  7. Multi-tasking get through things, sometimes.
  8. Karma bites hard.
  9. Learn how to drive as early as possible. 
  10. Work Smart.
  11. Don’t let little things get to you because it doesn’t matter.
  12. Your gut is always right.
  13. Perfection doesn’t exist.  Stop looking for it or doing it for yourself
  14. Spend time with the people who always appreciates you.
  15. Be nice and expect nothing in return.
  16. Record your life events as much as possible.
  17. Live well below your means.
  18. Everything happens for a reason
  19. Make a playlist, you’ll need it when sh*ts happens.
  20. Learn from your mistakes.
  21. There’s never going to be the “right” time.
  22. End your day with a cold/hot shower.
  23. People can bring out the best/worst in you
  24. Drink water.
  25. Happiness hides in small things.
  26. Motivate yourself to Power Through things
  27. Sometimes a job is just a job.
  28. It’s never too late to change a life path.
  29. Be selfish sometimes.
  30. Be proud of who you are and who you’ve become.

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