Finally moving out this November

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be moving out to our bustling yet lively environment of Makati and transferring to… well to another area in Ortigas, which shares the same setting as Makati.

Last weekend, I pullout 4 boxes with all of our things, with more than 300 video game cartridges which the majority of these carts are Famicom games. Moving these boxes is a challenge and I kinda wish that my husband is here to help me but he has to accomplish getting his license in the US before returning here.

As of now, I’m just chillin’ with my pad and checking everything again to see if I left something games that I didn’t pack previously and sort other things as well as selling some of my stuff as they’re going to be a tedious task of carrying them at home too.

It’s funny that my then-now-husband and I stayed at Makati for 2 ½ years ago and now these boxes are coming with me — going back to in my hometown and stay there for a month which I’ll be moving out again to my oldest brother’s previously apartment.

This process of packing stuff and moving in-out on other places is tiring as I have to adjust immediately especially with my daily commute which is a huge factor.

Luckily my parents also helped last weekend as I really don’t know what to do and how am I going to carry these boxes back to my hometown.

I hope the last time that I’ll be doing this when we’re finally going to the US and settle there or start building our family there because this additional process makes me lonesome — anyway, that’s another topic to be tackled soon but for now, I’ll get some sleep.

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