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New Isekai Manhwas I’ve read — Volume 1

So after I shared Isekai Manhwas titles that I’ve been reading currently on my previous post, I end up reading more titles that got my attention particularly promotional or one-shot titles that been released for this month.

I’m surprised that there’s a lot Isekai manhwa that’s been released lately… or maybe it’s the discord server that I’m in since the scanlations team is focused on those genres. Anyhow, I found some titles that peak my interests, and hopefully, they will be translated after a couple of months or in the future; note that some of these titles are focused on villainess Isekai manhwa titles rather than romance, so a little bit heads up.

1. History at the Library (역사는 도서관에서) 

Manhwa - Perdi

Vivian is an Imperial librarian that goes under a pen name of “Perdi” and is a well-known adult novelist. Although she’s a famous author, one of her latest works got criticized due to her sex scenes are bland but what she can do about it as she no experience in that field. While worrying about how she will get surpass that dilemma and in addition to being a virgin, the imperial archduke named Ray suddenly approaches her with a sweet offer that she can’t resist…

2. I’ll Become the Tyrant’s Tutor (폭군의 가정교사가 되겠습니다)

Manhwa - Primabel

Our female protagonist suddenly transferred to her own unfinished novel “The Rose and The Beast” and she’s one of the emperor’s art teacher named “Primabel”. As she wanted to help to get Prince Reynsis to not feel alone throughout the novel and make amends as it is her fault, to begin with (it’s her novel), something happened with the crowned prince that it made the rumors about the prophecy all false.

3. The Villainess Wants to Be a Sidekick (악녀는 들러리를 희망합니다)

Manhwa - Senephin

Our protagonist is a fan of the dating game “Arlandast Saga” however she found out that her ultimate bias, Lumins died in the story. When she finished the entire game, the game asks for her wish — she quickly wishes for Lumins to have a happy life. Now, transported to the game as Senephin, the villainess of the game, she tries to pair Lumins and Velkina together so it won’t end tragically. However, Lumins’ seems to be more interested in her than the game protagonist.

4. The Planned First Kiss (첫 키스는 계획적으로)

Manhwa - Lydia

Our protagonist got caught in a house fire and died, but when she opened her eyes she became a side character named “Lydia Odette” from a novel named “Toward the Star”. Instead of following the main story, she decides to have a long and peaceful life rather than meeting with death. However, that quickly changes when she got an invitation to the imperial ball and stumble upon this servant that she met earlier.

5. A Fairy Tale for Villains (악당들을 위한 동화)

Manhwa - Sasha

Our protagonist is an orphan who got frozen to death in a broken elevator, got transport to a novel name “The streetcar of Fire” where she reborn to the villainess who uses two young masters to throw the empire to despair — however, to avoid the same fate on the story, she tries to protect everyone and survive with everyone to stop the original story from happening, but the events in the story try to push them out of their limits.

So that’s my new Isekai Manhwas titles that I’ve read for this month! I know there’s more interesting titles but for now, I’m focusing on the titles that I enjoyed right now. 

I hope I’ll be able to read more Isekai Manhwas so I can share some more in the future. Thanks for reading!

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