And Life Suddenly Hits — Chapter 2

Oh wow, it’s been months now since I posted something here; to be honest, life hits again and got busy right after 2019 ends. A lot of things happened but first things first, I’ve changed my layout again to a much simpler one and I hope I could stick to it until the end of 2020.

So back to the topic; around January my brother gave me his keys to his old apartment, luckily my parents help me to do general cleaning so I can move in and start living by myself again and so far, feels like the same while when I was in Makati and no more annoying train horns too!

So moving forward, last month was February, and still adjusting to living alone as I only have a microwave to cook food but mostly it is all instant ramen. I know it is not healthy but I’m getting free food at work anyway.

As of now, it’s already March, and pretty much a lot of things happened and life gets harder due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Since Monday, the whole city is in “partial”/enhanced locked that this will last until April 15.
The partial lockdown is consists of:

  • food services and businesses can still operate while other businesses are closed.
  • controlled number of people inside the mall
  • curfew starts at 8 pm until 6 am
  • no one’s going in and out of the metro except for medical workers, food deliveries, and food services personnel.
  • social distancing is mandatory
  • self-quarantine is encourage

Luckily, my company has already mandated me to do work from home since Monday, and now it’s been 5 days since the lockdown. To be honest, cabin fever easily creeps in because my husband went back to the US and pretty much living alone right now so it is really a very sad time to be lonely and survive this ordeal.

But don’t worry, I’ll be fine in a couple of months. In the meantime, I’ll try to be active on this blog again, see ya guys soon

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