Promotional Isekai Manhwas I’ve read — Chapter 1

So I’m back and for this month I’ll be sharing more Isekai Manhwas that are promotional or one-shot titles . Honestly, I’ve read several titles more after I made my last post however things just got busy — balancing life, work, and discord stuff so I end up stacking all the one-shot manhwa. 

So why promotional or one-shots again, to be frank, they are interesting just like an ongoing Manhwa title, and also there’s a novel been popping out lately so they’re just really waiting for an artist to properly transform it to Manhwa or, they’re already released but no scanlations group want to pick it up. So here are some of these titles that are focused on Isekai manhwa titles with a little bit of romance and adoption genre, so a little bit heads up.

1 — Why Do You Love Me When I Refuse Your Request? (총애를 거절하는데 왜 집착하나요)
Manhwa - Shuelina
  • Our female protagonist knows a novel about Shuelina -a princess that got abandoned at the moment she was born and died at the orphanage due to abuse and imprisonment. Then one day, she becomes Shuelina, so to avoid the same fate as the original Shuelina, she has to win the hearts of the Vailot family. After successfully getting adopted and treated well by her adoptive family, all of a sudden Shuelina’s biological father, the Emperor feels bad abandoning her and tries to get her back — Now both families are fighting for Shuelina’s ownership and welfare.
2 — Lord Baby Runs a Romance Fantasy With Cash (아기님 캐시로 로판 달린다)
Manhwa - Contract
  • Our female protagonist was going home one day until she got hit by the famous Truck-kun. After she made an accidental contract with the Devil, she got reincarnated in the novel that she read earlier but unfortunately, she started from the very beginning of the story where the main protagonist endured rejection by his adoptive family. So, to survive the novel she has to do quests prompt to her — She doesn’t realize that successfully doing those can also raise the favorability of her adoptive family.
3 — Dear My Friend (디어 마이 프렌드)
Manhwa - Maristella
  • Mari is an ordinary woman until she got reincarnated in the novel “My Dorothea” as the heroine’s best friend, Maristella La Bellefleur. As Mari knows that Maristella’s going to be the scapegoat for Dorothea’s assassination plan against the crown princess, she plans to get away to avoid getting killed in the novel as well as live her new life to the fullest by building a good relationship with key characters in the novel – *kill them with kindness* route.
4 — Sickly? Husband’s Contractual Wife (병약한? 남편의 계약 아내)
Manhwa - Selene
  • Selena is a noblewoman whose family is very well-known for its fertile women, however, for an unknown reason, she can’t get pregnant due to marrying a sickly duke where she got persecuted for allegedly slowly poisoning her husband. When she received her memories from a past life, her goal now is to save her husband and survive. Once her husband is finally healthy, her next attempt is to divorce properly but will she succeed?
5 — I Am the Male Lead’s Ex-Girlfriend (나는 남주의 전 여친이었다)
Manwha - Erika
  • Our MC got transported to a well-known reverse harem novel “Juliana” as a villainess named Erika Kernes and in order not to fall the same path as the main story where her fiance (which is also the male lead) left her for the female protagonist of the story. She decides to break up with the male lead, however, things deviated from the original story as her ex-fiancé still loves her and several characters in the novel got interested in her this includes the female protagonist.

So that’s my new Isekai Manhwas titles that I’ve read for this week! I know there are more interesting titles but for now, I’m focusing on the titles that I enjoyed right now. 

I hope I’ll be able to read more isekai Manhwas so I can share some more in the future. Thanks for reading!

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