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All “Manhwa” blog posts. This category is already self-explanatory but since I need to fulfill the SEO requirements (the red icon really bothers me) I will be posting here all of the manhwas I have read started in 2019. Some of the manhwa that I read revolves around female (少女), reincarnation and villainess centered manhwas than shounen/male-centered manhwas as most of the genre I am comfortable reading.


↝ Note: I will not share the direct links for these titles nor discord groups for these scanlations groups, so people won’t hunt them down. Some of these are already present in aggregator websites (MD**, Bat**, Mang**, etc. so I would suggest exercise your google-fu skills searching them for yourselves — that’s why I provided their loosely translated English titles.


↝ Support the author once they’re available in Webtoon, Tapas, Tappytoon, Lezhin and other licensed webcomic platforms.


Promotional Isekai Manhwas I’ve read — Chapter 4

Finally, I’m back and just realized that it is already half of a year. So a lot of things happened after my last post two months ago and it’s all work-related stuff reasons and major time adjustments.

With the MangaD** is slowly coming back online as well as scanlations groups, I think this is the best time to post promotional or one-shot manhwas that I’ve read last year and share it here with one being an honorable mention as I just read this one or two days ago.


Promotional Isekai Manhwas I’ve read — Chapter 3

I’ll be sharing more promotional or one-shot Isekai Manhwas, as the holidays are over and summer is creeping in,. So, I’m back to doing normal things and reading isekai manhwas again — balancing stuff especially on holidays is tough. Anyway, I should stop before I end up telling my entire life story here.

Seeing this list I think this is will be the longest one as some of these isekai manhwas are focusing on the protagonist trying to change the course of the novel’s storyline. I honestly like this sub-genre for manhwas as these new heroines are completely unaware that they’re already changed the story.


Promotional Isekai Manhwas I’ve read — Chapter 2

I end up reading more Isekai Manhwas that got my attention particularly promotional or one-shot titles after I shared Isekai Manhwa titles that I’ve been reading currently on my previous post.

I’m surprised that there’s a lot of Isekai genres that’s been released lately… or maybe it’s the discord server that I’m in since the scanlations team is focused on those genres. Anyhow, I found some titles that pique my interest, and hopefully, they will be translated after a couple of months or in the future; note that some of these titles are focused on villainess Isekai titles rather than romance, so a few heads up.


Promotional Isekai Manhwas I’ve read — Chapter 1

So I’m back and for this month I’ll be sharing more Isekai Manhwas that are promotional or one-shot titles . Honestly, I’ve read several titles more after I made my last post however things just got busy — balancing life, work, and discord stuff so I end up stacking all the one-shot manhwa. 

So why promotional or one-shots again, to be frank, they are interesting just like an ongoing Manhwa title, and also there’s a novel been popping out lately so they’re just really waiting for an artist to properly transform it to Manhwa or, they’re already released but no scanlations group want to pick it up. So here are some of these titles that are focused on Isekai manhwa titles with a little bit of romance and adoption genre, so a little bit heads up.


Isekai Manhwa, I’ve been reading them — Volume 1

So last year, I have my usual insomnia attack and was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I stumble upon an Isekai Manhwa (만화) title that has been heavily advertised for me. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the ‘Isekai’ (異世界) genre and Manhwas (만화) because it didn’t really catch my attention nor interested in those types of comics but, I do notice their gaining popularity since three years ago.

I’ve been a long time manga reader and my usual category is ‘Josei’ (女性); its a category of manga that targets women around 18-30 years old and it contains a lot of mature content, close to real-life scenarios about relationships, career, life events and dilemmas which it is completely opposite to your typical ‘Shonen/Shoujo’ (少年/少女) categories.