All “Travel” blog posts. This category is already self-explanatory but since I need to fulfill the SEO requirements (the red icon really bothers me) I will be posting here the countries I have been to since 2009, I will try to fetch my old photos and hopefully visit those countries again so I can compare and see what changes have been made for 10+ years already.

↝ I will be posting here some conventions I have went to and what we did there and what items I found or things that look interesting. It’s not my cup of tea since I’m an introvert but they’re fun to do it.

May 20, 2019

Visiting Seoul — with Arcades and Street-food

At the beginning of May, my family and I returned to South Korea and revisited Seoul for the fourth time in which we stayed for almost a week. So why did we revisit Seoul yet again? — The original reason was to see a concert which unfortunately ended up getting canceled, thus we planned an entirely different set of goals for the trip, as my waifu wanted to do some game arcade-hopping around Seoul, have a quick meet up with a friend, as well as a little bit of street food-tripping in Myeongdong.

Despite the early-Summer forecast on that week, surprisingly the weather there was a bit cold, feeling akin to early Spring weather, especially at night time, unlike here in the Philippines where it has been blazing hot and humid all day for the past two months.

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